John Christmas
Recording Artist - Producer - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Dream On, Happy Dreams Come True CD

Please click on each song link to download for free.  Donation is not required to download John's music for personal listening. 

C. 1999 All rights reserved.  Commercial Use of John's music is not allowed without prior written permission from John Christmas.

Track 1 - Guidelines

Track 2 - Dream On

Track 3 - We Are One

Track 4 - I Am Responsible

Track 5 - What's Your Name

Track 6 - Love's Last Embrace

Track 7 - You Are Sinless

Track 8 - Teach Only Love

Track 9 - Love Is Calling

Track 10 - I'm Not A Victim

Track 11 - Dark Night of the Soul

Track 12 - This Holy Instant

Track 13 - Rock 'n' Roll Church

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